BIXBITE advantage is that it is completely independent, decentralized and, most importantly, anonymous cryptocurrency with atomic direct exchange ability. 

The purpose of the coin is as simple as it’s name! Make the cryptocurrency available for the real workers of their business! Create conditions for comfortable extraction and exchange at a favorable rate for your coins. BIXBITE is not just a coin! BIXBITE is the price benchmark for the work done!


The advantage of BIXBITE is that it is completely independent, decentralized and, most importantly, anonymous crypto currency. In addition to the above, BIXBITEwas designed to ensure that any person, regardless of their knowledge, could access the crypto currency. That’s why we chose the Cryptonight Heavy algorithm. After all, it is he who allows all people to mine the crypto currency without using any special technical means of ASIC. To do this, it is sufficient to use the purse application with the built-in mining function, or use other programs designed to extract the crypto currency of this algorithm.

Yes. Bounty program BIXBITE earn BXT without attachments. It is aimed at attracting the attention of a new audience to the project in likes, reposts and views. For your activity, we charge you steaks, which will later be converted into BXT by a special formula.

Various crypto-currencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, NEO, DASH, XMR, XEM, ZEC

Confidentiality and convenience of use is a common work in crypto-currencies. For this reason, BIXBITE applies the best and most practical way to protect transactions for its users, using the best available means of anonymity. Users can have non-monitored anonymous transactions without having to resort to complex transaction systems.

Our goal: to make crypto-currencies accessible to all. It is possible to use blockchain-technologies for private individuals and enterprises. The experience of working with digital assets is not important, everything will work safely, without risk, following the norms of the law.

Holders of BIXBITE will be able to trade their coins on the exchange after the stage of distribution of coins. A detailed list of exchangers with names and dates will be announced after the end of the ICO. Please, follow the news on our official resources.


Algorithm: CryptoNight Heavy (Proof of Work)

Coin emission
Reward for the block
Block time (seconds)
Unlock confirmations

Project features

ASIC protection

Low transaction commission

Fast operations

Global Payments

POW technology

Multiplatform Wallet

Anonymous payments

Own miner software


May 2018

  • Project concept design (complete)
  • Private testnet (complete)
  • Public testnet (complete)

June 2018

  • Running mainnet, opening the pool (complete)
  • Advertising company, airdrop for activity
  • BXB-miner with AMD/CPU support (complete)

2018 Q4

  • Web Wallet (complete)
  • Community expanding
  • Exchange listing (complete)
  • Heavy algo modifications and optimizations
  • Integration of Zawy’s LWMA difficulty algorithm
  • BXB-miner with NVIDIA support (complete)
  • Cross-platform GUI Wallet (complete)

2019 Q1 & Q2

  • Website re-design
  • Wallets for Android and iOS (alpha)
  • One way exchange directly from wallet (closed testing)
  • More exchanges
  • Add to CoinMarketCap
  • Partherships & Integrations